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Featured Video Competition
Over the next two weeks we are holding a featured video competition here on the forum. Anyone can enter, all you have to do is enter your best gaming video. After two weeks we will choose the video we think is best and it will be featured on our Youtube Channel, the video can be anything as long as it is gaming related. Also the winning gamer/Editor will have a spot on the side of our forum for a week under 'Featured Gamer' similar to the sponsored gamers bit, where you can give us a image which will be linked to your youtube channel. Only 1 video per person, the competition will end on the 17th of January. Goodluck to everyone

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 Become Part of the Team

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PostSubject: Become Part of the Team   Tue Dec 21, 2010 11:43 am


Ok the next few weeks we will be looking for people to become part of our team here on the forum.

There will be a few positions available, first will be forum moderators.

We will be looking for active members that would be interested in helping moderate cetain sections of the forum, we would prefer members with experience in forum moderating.
What you be doing? - You would be assigned to a section on the forum and you would just be asked to look over the posts and make sure everyone is following the rules and that the right posts are being put in the right section, also you would be responsible for keeping the forum updated regulary with information related to the section.
All forum moderators will get a free VIP pass and other benefits in return for their help.

The other position available will be Graphic Moderator.

This position will be different from the forum moderator. We are looking for graphic designers to help provide graphics of all types to our V.I.P members.
We will need members who are active and willing to produce graphics for free within a time frame. If a request is made in the VIP section the job will be rotated between each graphic moderator, you will be given a certain time, lets say 2 days for example, then you will be expected to produce the graphic by then, if you fail, you will get a strike, two strikes and you will be out.
In return for your help, your youtubechannel/website will be advertised here on the forum homepage, your video/s will be uploaded on our youtube channel with all your information to help get you more customers. You will also become a verified seller here on the forum and your sales thread will be stickied in the selling section, and also other features which are to be announced

So if you think you would be interested in any of the above positions, please fill out the following form.

The Application Forum

Position Applying For :
How Often Your Online :
Why Do You Want The Position :
Past Experience :
Graphic Showcase : ( if applying for the Graphic Moderator)
Other Information : ( Anything Else you think we should know )

Once you have filled out the form, just post it and we will get back to you.


The Gaming Channel


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Become Part of the Team
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